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4 Reasons Every Real Estate Agent Needs a CRM

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It’s easy to become overwhelmed when the real estate market is shifting so much. There is a lot to juggle — lead generation, staying on top of market trends, focusing on your financials — and more. Staying organized is key. A stellar customer relationship management (CRM) system helps do all of that. It allows you to productively manage your business so you can focus on the most important thing, nurturing your clients and leads.

A CRM for real estate agents needs to be easy to use, whether it’s a new agent or those more experienced. Seek out a system that offers support at every step, from initial onboarding through ongoing use.

Here are four ways the right CRM can empower your real estate business:

  1. Create a Powerful Working Database
    Your database is your lifeline to your business. You need to stay in touch with your top clients, but you also need to constantly keep your pipeline filled with leads. A CRM allows you to organize all your contacts and their detailed information in one place. Seek out a CRM that lets you rank clients and prospects by importance and contact preferences. That way you will not be in danger of letting an important contact slip through the cracks. You’ll also stay top-of-mind for them should they or someone they know need your services.
  1. Run Your Business Like a Business
    You can’t have a thriving, top-notch business unless you treat it like a business. A CRM should have functionality that creates detailed reports so you can track your transactions and expenses. It should also be able to generate reports, so you know if you are on target to meet your financial goals and what to do to reach them.
  1. Manage Your Time Efficiently
    A professional real estate agent’s day is so busy. It’s necessary to have a system that helps control the flow. A great CRM can do just that, helping you stay on target with your goals, to-do lists and calendars. Seek out a CRM that will create action steps based on your goals and current progress. You can also generate your list of priorities and see your schedule. A reliable CRM can help you take control of your day and boost your productivity. Look for a CRM that has advanced mapping technology that lets you know what clients and leads in the area, so that you can use your time productively with them.
  1. Create Timely and Effective Marketing Campaigns
    Marketing is more important than ever. A well-designed, timely campaign with detailed information will help you keep your clients informed and establish you as the “go-to” real estate professional they need. Some CRMs will even do the marketing for you, including sending out mailings.

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