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5 Easy Ways to Make Gratitude a Regular Part of Your Life Strategy

At this time of year, it’s tradition to reflect on what we’re thankful for. However, if we really want to thrive and succeed both personally and professionally, we should embrace an attitude of gratitude year-round, not just at Thanksgiving! Here are some ways you can start to incorporate gratitude into every aspect of your daily life – and reap the incredible rewards:   

Mind Your Manners.
As a kid growing up in Ireland, my mother made sure that my siblings and I were always polite and mannerly in our interactions with other people. Her constant refrain was, “It costs nothing to say please and thank you.” I have never forgotten this timeless and valuable advice, and it’s a principle I have made sure to instil in my own kids as well. Saying please and thank you is a simple practice, but its impact is extraordinarily powerful. In a world where we often take thing for granted, these kinds of simple gestures have a positive impact others, they’re infectious and best of all, they’re free! Someone who is well-mannered will always make a mark and stand out in a competitive and transactional marketplace. So, if you want to be remembered for all the right reasons, mind your manners!  

Count Your Blessings
When you forget all that you have to be grateful for, you can easily become entitled or even drift toward a negative mindset – and end up staying there. To remind myself on a daily basis of how much I have to be thankful for, I begin every morning with a prayer of thanksgiving with my wife. This daily practice never fails to ground us and remind us of how lucky and blessed we really are. It’s a uniquely powerful ritual because, before the day even gets started and we get caught up in to-do lists and endless tasks, we have already tapped into a positive and grateful mindset. Try it for yourself and you’ll see phenomenal benefits not only in your mood and mindset, but in your personal and professional relationships too.  Remember – gratitude and entitlement cannot exist at the same time! 

Appreciate the Simple Things in Life
No matter what challenges you experience in life, there’s always something to be grateful for. Embracing gratitude as an attitude of the heart has nothing to do with what you have or what you don’t have. The truth is, if you focus on being grateful for even the simplest things such as the beauty of nature or wildlife in your own backyard, for example, you will be gifted the ability to see the wonders of life through the eyes of a child again. We are surrounded by miracles every day. If you can train yourself to notice and appreciate them, your life will transform – and you will be endlessly grateful.    

Learn to Give and Receive 
Many people find it easier to express gratitude than to receive it. It can sometimes feel awkward to accept others’ thanks or appreciation, but it’s important that you learn to receive as well as give if an attitude of gratitude is to grow and increase. When gratitude is expressed to you, be gracious and open to it. When someone goes to the trouble to express their gratitude and you minimize it, you risk depreciating its value and even damaging the relationship. Gratitude can do wonders for communication between people, helping to build strong bonds that last the test of time, so encourage, acknowledge and embrace it wherever and whenever you can.  

Spread the Love
Gratitude is contagious – the more you practice it, the more it spreads. Ask yourself: Who can I express gratitude to today? From family members to friends, colleagues, business associates and clients, reach out and pass on an attitude of gratitude. Let people know how much you appreciate and value them and how grateful you are for them. There’s no point being grateful and staying quiet about it – if you’re feeling thankful for someone in your life, don’t keep that feeling to yourself – express it!  

Gratitude is one of the cornerstones of the good life and the bedrock on which true success is built. The more you express it, the more you’ll see a radical change in how you think, feel and behave. If you can embrace, express and receive gratitude, your mindset will improve, your relationships will grow and flourish and your life and your business will be transformed. Before you know it, every day will be like Thanksgiving!  

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