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Establish Yourself as the Real Estate Pro Your Clients Need for the Market Ahead

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Although the real estate market has shifted from the red-hot intensity of the past few years, it is still a great time to be a real estate agent. By taking time to sharpen your skillset and commit to best business practices, you will have plenty of opportunities today and tomorrow.

Be the “Pro” Your Clients Need
The market is making a lot of people nervous and that is why you can help to allay your clients’ fears by proving that you are trustworthy and reliable.

To do this, stay on top of trends in your client’s market and the whole real estate market. Then, provide your clients with consistent information from trusted sources to show them that you are committed to them no matter what the market is doing.

There are several marketing programs for real estate agents such as Buffini & Company’s Referral Maker® PRO that include monthly flyers and digital email templates. Referral Maker PRO is best for agents that want a proven system, Working by Referral, to build their database, stay top of mind and connect with other real estate professionals.

Your Database Is More Important than Ever
Keeping your database current and organized is important to the success of your business. The majority of your business will come from twenty percent of your contacts, so it is important to qualify and rank your relationships. A great customer relationship system (CRM) can help you manage this and identify who to contact on a regular basis.

Staying in touch is important! Even if a client is not ready to buy or sell now, they may be soon. Even if a client is not ready to buy or sell now, they may be soon. When they are, they will feel more confident working with someone they already know and trust like you, but only if you have proven that you value the relationship and don’t see it as just another business transaction.

Marketing is an important – and time-consuming – part of your business. Consider outsourcing to a company that will handle it for you.

Be a Trusted Real Estate Advisor for all Their Needs
If you did an excellent job helping your client to buy or sell a house, you can grow the relationship by serving their additional real estate needs. Perhaps they are thinking of investing in a multi-family building or buying a vacation home. Reassure them that you can help them with that transaction, whether it is you personally or one of your trusted colleagues.

When you work by referral to build and grow your database, you can also develop a network of like-minded real estate agents. That way, if a client is moving out of the area, you can confidently refer them to another professional who offers the same great level of service that you do. That other agent will be happy to reciprocate if the time comes that they have a client with a real estate need in the area you service.

Set Yourself up for Success
To learn more about how you can sharpen your skills, organize your database and work by referral to have your best year yet, sign up for a free Business Consultation with a Buffini & Company expert at www.buffini.com/bc.

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