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Help Your Team Crush Their Goals This Year (and Beyond!)

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Setting goals for your team is an important part of your business plan. It’s also an excellent way to get everyone fired up and on board to implement new strategies. Involving your team members in the planning also gives them a sense of ownership and pride.

Create a Plan
Your team needs to have a clear, concrete plan in place so that everyone knows the mission and their part in helping to reach the team’s goals. Be sure to add specific action steps, benchmarks and ways to celebrate wins. That will encourage and motivate your team to keep up the great work.

Ensure Everyone Is on Board
Once you have a plan in place, be sure to check in with your team and see if they are reaching their benchmarks. Offer feedback, support and resources if needed. But be flexible as well. If you are receiving feedback that something is just not working, be adaptable so that you can change course before it’s too late.

When obstacles arise (and they most assuredly will) let your team know you have their back and will help them through it. Handle things efficiently and promptly. Letting things fester or ignoring a problem hoping it will get better rarely works.  Remind the team of how much you all have already accomplished and how much you have to gain by going forward. Clear, timely communication in all areas is key.

Offer Incentives
It’s a common truth that we all work harder when there is an incentive to do so. Create a culture of winning by celebrating when benchmarks are hit. Acknowledge your team’s achievements by telling them specifically why you are proud of what they have accomplished.  You may even want to offer a financial bonus, hold a special event or give them time off.

Provide the Resources
As you evaluate your progress along the way, you may identify areas where additional training would benefit you as a team leader. And providing extra training for your team may just turn them from colleagues into superstars! It will also show that you care about their growth and that they are valued assets on your team. And it demonstrates your commitment to the team’s goals and overall success.

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