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How Coaching Can Make an Incredible Impact

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Broker and team leader utilizes Buffini & Company coaching to improve business and inspire agents

By Paige Brown

After being introduced to Buffini & Company by his mother, Michael Daugherty’s life changed immensely. Strength in family and spirituality, paired with a deep perspective of what success really looks like, is what he carries through both his business and personal life each and every day.

“I credit a lot of my growth to One2One Coaching™ because it’s not just coaching,” says Daugherty, a REALTOR® at Norfolk, Virginia-based OWN Real Estate. “Being around people who share the same philosophy on the right way to do business is extremely helpful. Buffini’s coaches and training programs offer amazing support for my business, family and future.”

Since getting his license eight years ago and attending coaching programs, Daugherty has found continued success in real estate. In 2020 and 2021, he sold more houses than any agent in the state of Virginia, and grossed well over $1,000,000 in commissions each year.

By applying the strategies he’s learned from One2One Coaching, not only has Daugherty been able to share his wealth of knowledge with others, but he’s also been able to start a team. Full of gratitude for what Buffini & Company has done for his business, Daugherty wanted to be the same inspiration and resource for other agents.

“I saw it as an opportunity to help other people,” he says. “You need to provide good service to leads, and instead of letting them go by the wayside, you can teach people how to provide good service, then teach those same people how to build their own business.”

When it comes to real estate coaching, while Daugherty has been introduced to other programs, he knows that sticking with Buffini is best for both himself and his business.

“Buffini does a really good job of pushing you to be good in all areas of your life,” explains Daugherty, pointing to their five circles: business, financial, family, physical, spiritual.

In addition to One2One Coaching™, Daugherty and his team participate in ongoing training with Buffini, including 100 Days to Greatness®, The Pathway to Mastery®—Essentials and The Pathway to Mastery®—Advanced. He also takes the time to attend Buffini events such as The MasterMind Summit®, The Peak Experience® and GameChangers™.

“When you work in real estate, you’re a business owner whether you want to admit it or not. And Buffini teaches you how to be a business owner so that you’re not beholden to the market’s demands. They teach you how to get out in front of it,” says Daugherty.

As Daugherty and his team continue through 2022, hopes are high for the upcoming market. With a more balanced and healthy market than we’ve seen in the past few years, buyers will feel less pressure with less competition. Even with rising interest rates, Daugherty and his team are well-equipped to take on challenges thanks to Buffini’s coaching.

“They will put you in the driver’s seat of your life and your business,” says Daugherty, who shines a spotlight on Brian Buffini and the effect he has had on his life and career.

“Brian spoke with so much optimism and so much hope for the future, which is something I’d never really heard before,” concludes Daugherty. “His Irish Blessing flipped a switch in me, and I was never the same after that. Everything he believes in has resonated with me, and his outlook on balance is what sets him apart.”

To learn more about how One2OneCoaching helped Daugherty expand his business, watch his full story at https://www.buffini.com/stories/michael-daugherty.aspx.

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