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Staying Supported Through Leadership Coaching

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Buffini & Company’s leadership coaching systems pave the way to continued success

By Claudia Larsen

Carol Foderick—broker and leader of the Carol Foderick Real Estate Group at Keller Williams Advantage Realty in Toronto—has learned through her vast real estate career that having a solid support network is key. And coaching is the way to build that.

After growing from an unlicensed receptionist and administrator in a real estate office to a licensed agent working with large teams, Foderick eventually realized that she needed a change.

“I was looking for a bit of a life shift and realized I couldn’t dedicate the same 60, 70, 80 hours a week to my profession, so six years ago I pivoted, switched companies and built my own team,” says Foderick.

Growing the Carol Foderick Real Estate Group to one of the largest teams under the Keller Williams banner, it didn’t take Foderick long to understand that coaching is an important tool to take advantage of.

Introduced to Buffini & Company after attending a seminar where she learned about building a referral-based business, Foderick was immediately intrigued. “I was so compelled by the presentation that I signed up that day for their introductory offering,” she says.

As her business grew, Foderick took the next step into Buffini & Compnay One2One Coaching in 2017, where she was introduced to her coach Peggy.

“I’ve always told people that Peggy is sort of on my board of directors, so I don’t make any decision in my business without chatting with her,” says Foderick, who has built a wonderful relationship with Peggy over the years. “There has never been a time that I’ve gotten off a coaching call with her that I haven’t felt better about my business, the trajectory of where our industry is going or how to solve the problems that I’m facing as a team leader,” she adds.

As the two continued to connect and work on building her business, they transitioned into leadership coaching—and Foderick’s team hit a new level of success.

But what really sold Foderick on Buffini & Company’s coaching program was the very personal way the company pairs agents and coaches.

“They asked me all of these questions and matched me with somebody who, on the face of it, I didn’t seem to think I had a lot in common with, but over the years, and certainly within the first six months, it became apparent why I had been matched with her. We think alike, we work at the same pace, and we approach problem solving the same way. Having somebody who sees my business the same way I do has been so incredible,” says Foderick, who is looking forward to experiencing the camaraderie and knowledge that comes from being able to meet and share with other teams and coaches at Buffini & Company’s upcoming Leadership Conference.

“I always show up empty and am completely filled up by all of the knowledge sharing that takes place,” explains Foderick. “Wherever you are in your leadership journey, there is somebody facing the same struggles as you, who has the same worries and is trying to achieve the same goals. And there’s a connection in that. You meet other people who are hoping to achieve the same things, and you feel a little bit less alone in an industry that at times can feel very lonely,” concludes Foderick.


For more information, visit https://www.buffini.com/lc.

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