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Succeeding as a New Agent Even in a Recession

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As a new agent, you are excited to get started. But you may also be feeling anxious about the real estate market slowing down, interest rates and inflation rising, and talk of a recession.

That’s why it makes sense to invest in your career now with new agent training to help you get off to a smooth start. The Buffini & Company 100 Days to Greatness® real estate training program will give you a proven system and tools to establish a rock-solid foundation to help you succeed, even in a slow market.

Building Relationships

Real estate is first and foremost about relationships. Customers want to know you care about them personally and not just as a money-making transaction. This is the most expensive and emotional investment they will ever make.

Three ways to make a personal connection:

  1. Hand-written notes

It is rare to receive hand-written pieces of mail anymore. Taking the time to jot down a quick personal note and dropping it in the mail is a powerful and inexpensive way to connect with someone.

Strive to send out at least 10 notes each day. This may sound overwhelming but once you start doing it you will find it easier to do.


  • Leave your notecards on your keyboard when you shut down your computer each night. That will remind you to do them before you even log on the next day.
  • Take a few moments to think about the person you are sending a note to and what message you want to share. It could be thanks after a closing or a referral, congratulating them on an accomplishment or just letting them know that you were thinking about them. The possibilities are endless!
  • Keep your notes short! (Especially if your handwriting is not the best!)
  1. Drop off a small gift

The best way to communicate is still face to face. It shows that you value that person by offering your most precious commodity – your time. These visits will re-establish you as someone who cares about the potential client as a person, not just the transaction.


  • Each month pop by your top leads’ homes with a fun or practical seasonal gift.
  • Use your creativity and have fun! These gifts can be great conversation pieces and ways to make a connection.
  • Keep your visits short – you are not there to make a sales call but rather a way to say “Hi, I’m thinking about you.”
  1. Videos

Videos can be a way to share important information with your top leads or even your entire database.  One example to share is the Brian Buffini Real Estate Biannual Report, which has well-researched, up-to-date information on the state of the market as well as current buyer and seller trends.


  • Make your video short, no more than 2-3 minutes.
  • On it provide a quick overview and a download link where clients can get more information.
  • Reach out to your top leads a few days later to schedule a time in person to go over the information.

Continue Your Education with Training and Coaching

The top agents know that you must always continue learning. That will help establish you as a trusted resource that your clients can rely on for up-to-date information.

Thousands of agents have taken the 100 Days to Greatness® training program.  In doing so, they have reached great heights in their careers, even in recessionary times. Why not see for yourself? Before you know it, you will be well on your way to success!

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