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The Land of Confusion

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Welcome to the land of confusion, also known as the modern real estate market. Everywhere you turn, it feels like there’s a new gadget, gizmo or program released to help revolutionize your business. But how can you separate the useful tactics from the fleeting distractions? New technology can be a great tool to help run your day-to-day, but it should not become the foundation of your business. 

This resource walks you through some of the big distractions out there and arms you with the knowledge and skills you need to stay on course. Learn how to build a business with a strong foundation that can take anything the industry throws its way.

Need a guide to help along the journey? Buffini & Company One2One Coaching gets Members on the path to a rock-solid business by focusing on the fundamentals. Your Coach will provide direction, guidance and accountability for you on your journey to success — learn more about One2One Coaching at https://www.buffini.com/coaching/one2one/.   

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