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Three Ways Real Estate Coaching Will Empower Your Team

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The real estate market is anticipated to see a pent-up demand from eager buyers and sellers in 2024, according to many experts. Forming or strengthening your real estate team now, ensuring that everyone is aligned and following the same game plan, will allow to you to manage the leads coming in smoothly and efficiently. For the team as a whole, this will be an exciting opportunity to expand and grow each member’s business.

As the team’s leader, it is crucial that you establish best practices, systems and training. That’s why the decision to work with an experienced real estate coach will be the best one you can make as you get ready for the opportunities to come.

Here are three powerful reasons to consider real estate team coaching:

  1. Access to Experienced Coaching
    Every champion team is led by a great coach who has the experience, character and ability to recognize each member’s strengths as well as that of the overall team itself. It’s the same way in real estate.A real estate coach will help you establish a solid foundation that will allow your business to grow. They will help you identify your strengths as a leader and offer suggestions for things where you may need assistance and support. They will also be able to step in, identify problems, offer solutions and serve as a resource when questions arise.  A great coach also serves as an accountability partner so you will stay on track to reach your goals.
  1. Establishing the Right Team Model
    You may have made the decision to start a team but be stuck on who should be on it. Ensuring you hire the right people is key. A real estate coach can help you with this. Working with you, they can first identify what roles you need and then guide you as you start interviewing potential team members. The coach can offer insights on how new and existing team members are doing and suggest things to try if there are problems or conflicts.  If you need to make the difficult decision to end a relationship with a team member, they can help you through that process as well.
  1. Help in Creating and Implementing Business Practices
    It’s imperative that you, as a team leader, have a business plan, complete with a way to track your financials and other metrics. Too often, this critical step is overlooked or not followed. Having a real estate coach that helps you set up a concrete, strategic business plan that everyone on the team can follow, as well as how they fit into the overall team, is important.

A real estate coach can help ensure you are treating your business like a business and prioritize systems and tools to help give your team the best chance for success. Seek out a coach who is experienced in working with a quality marketing and lead generation program, such as Buffini & Company’s Referral Maker® PRO. Buffini coaches work with clients to use this program to manage their databases, automate many tasks and track metrics efficiently.

With strong systems in place, and expectations made known, your team will be able to concentrate on doing their respective jobs more efficiently. The result will be a happy productive team, that is increasing their income while still having time to enjoy their private life!

If you want to be a strong, confident leader, who can dominate in any market, we’ve got you! Plan now to attend Buffini & Company’s Leadership Conference to be held in Sept. 26-27, 2024, at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix, Ariz., to hear powerful content from world-class speakers, while connecting with the industry’s top-performing leaders from across North America.

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