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The Competitive Edge: Three Key Insights on How a Real Estate Coach Can Transform Your Career

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Industry experts are projecting that mortgage rates will finally settle down to the 5.5-6% range next year. With that, it is anticipated that there will be a great rush of buyers and sellers who will finally be ready to enter the market. That is welcome news for real estate agents who have seen their businesses slow down over the past year.

To take advantage of the expected influx, agents need to start preparing now, so they don’t find themselves in a state of chaos, chasing leads when it’s too late.

Buffini & Company, North America’s largest coaching and training organization, has been preparing for this market turn for months. Their clients already earn 10x more than the average agent — a remarkable $460,000 a year. Going forward, those clients will be able to tap into a revolutionary new system the company has developed that will position them to best service the projected swell of eager buyers and sellers.

A real estate coach can transform your career and offer the following key insights:

  1. Identify and Develop the Sharp Skills You Need

The decision to work with a coach, especially when your sales and income are down, might seem counterproductive. But as Brian Buffini, the respected founder and chairman of Buffini & Company said, “When you’re in tough times, you need to make sure you’re investing in what will give you the best chance of winning.”

In a normal year, there are approximately 15,000 transactions a month that fall through, for a variety of reasons. In the past year, that number has risen significantly to an astounding 60,000 a month, according to Buffini. The reason in most cases? Rusty skills on the part of the agent. Clients are being let down, he noted, by agents who are still focusing on ways that worked when the market was hot and every house for sale seemed like it had multiple offers and went for well over sale price.

“As the market shifts, it will be a ‘Pro’s Market,’” Dave McGhee, vice president of Buffini Coaching Institute said. “Agents that have sharp skills and knowledge in areas like negotiation and leading a client through the ups and downs of a transaction will be the ones that succeed.”

  1. The Opportunity to Learn from an Experienced Pro

Dermot Buffini, the CEO of Buffini & Company, noted that real estate professionals always have a bit of uncertainty, due to the nature of their job. Working with an experienced coach who has been through every type of market (like many of the Buffini & Company coaches) is a great way to get clarity on what is important, what works and doesn’t, and the best way to create a path forward.

“In times like this there are lots of opportunities,” he said. “Learn from others’ experiences. You don’t have to go it alone.”

  1. Support and Accountability Every Step of the Way

A strong business plan is the foundation of a successful business that is always growing. A real estate coach can help you create a plan that has structure and action steps to help you reach your personal and financial goals. The coach will also help keep you accountable and on track and help you make any adjustments. They will serve as your support system, cheerleader and be the one to give you the nudge you may need when you are discouraged or stalled.

Learn how you can say “no” to chaos and instead make $460,000 a year, own the listings and increase your market share. Sign up today for a free business consultation at www.buffini.com/bc.

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