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3 Tech and Marketing Trends to Embrace in 2016

By RISMedia on January 01, 2016

There’s no doubt that technology has changed the way we buy and sell homes. Fifty years ago, buyers would search through newspaper ads to find a home; nowadays, the majority of buyers search for homes on the Internet before consulting an agent.* It’s not just the Internet that”s changing the game; the increased use of smartphones makes it easier to look for homes. With buyers and sellers having access to more information than ever before, how can agents make themselves essential to their clients?

Relationships matter more than ever!
One thing we’ve researched at Buffini & Company is the top reasons people choose their agent over others. We’ve found most often that their choice is based on three questions: Can I trust you? Do you care about me? Are you good at what you do? Nowhere in there is a question about how many Twitter followers you have. That’s because in today’s business world, artificial connections are a dime a dozen. The agent who goes above and beyond to create deeper, more authentic relationships wins.

Technology isn’t the enemy, but it’s not the solution to an empty pipeline, either. It’s a tool that if used right, can help you build community, increase communica­tion with your clients and better execute on key activities like lead generation. Here are three tech and marketing trends that’ll help you stay relevant, while keeping the focus on building relationships with your clients.

1. Get online.
If you want to serve your clients, you have to be where they are. Social media makes it easy to share information about the market or home-buying/selling tips with your clients. You can also use it to share information about your listings. Blogging provides a plat­form to share your knowledge and experience with clients and follow­ers, as well.

2. Incorporate video In your emails.
Share a message with your clients via video. You can send it as a standalone email to a few people, or use it to introduce your eReport, a monthly email loaded with helpful information and hous­ing stats specifically for your cli­ents. The eReport is included in Buffini & Company’s Marketing Kit, designed to help you maintain consistent contact with your database and Work by Referral. Video is an impactful way to deepen relation­ships with clients, and is sure to stand out. Keep it short and posi­tive, and remind clients that you’re never too busy for referrals.

3. Use a CRM.
A Customer Re­lationship Management system, such as Referral Maker® CRM, not only keeps your clients’ information organized and at-hand, it can also help you stay organized within your business so that you can generate more leads.
To thrive in the new era of real estate, it’s essential to embrace technology and use it to serve your clients better.

Want to know more about using technology to improve your busi­ness relationships? Sign up for MarTech Trends™, a one-day Buffini & Company event where Joe Niego and other experts will give a crash course on how to create the perfect blend of technology and marketing in your real estate business.

*Source: NAR, Real Estate in the Digital Age, September 15, 2015

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