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Buffini & Company’s One2One® Coaching program fosters organic business growth

By Paige Brown

Mariesa Holm, a real estate broker for Compass, understands the value of being personable throughout each and every real estate transaction. When she found Buffini & Company’s One2One Coaching® program, she knew it was the right choice for the success of her business as well as her client relationships.

“What drew me to One2One Coaching was the relationship-based perspective they have about building a real estate business,” says Holm. “Brian [Buffini] wants you to take care of your sphere, and I really resonate with that.”

Since jumping into One2One Coaching, Holm has been able to turn her real estate business into one that’s completely referral-based, ensuring that she works with people who are not only serious about the buying process, but who value her time and energy. Prior to this, she was purchasing Zillow leads, something she believed would create a successful and sustainable real estate business.

“You think as a newer agent that buying leads is the way to go, but it’s money that’s being spent,” says Holm. “Your time is so valuable these days, being spent so much with these leads, but then you only convert between 6% – 12% of those leads that come in.”

Real estate coaching opened her eyes to the importance of her sphere. In fact, The Pathway to Mastery® — Essentials course, offered by her brokerage at the time, built up her confidence and guided her through starting a business from scratch, setting the stage for personal and professional success.

In addition to the training, Buffini & Company’s One2One Coaching program offers high-level coaching webinars, the easy-to-use Referral Maker® CRM and in-person coaching events such as The Peak Experience, where real estate professionals from across the country gather to learn and grow their business through personal and professional growth.

“My experience with One2One Coaching has been one of high-quality education, cheerleading and accountability for me as a business owner,” Holm states. “It has allowed me to create a business that has systems in place that work and that generate business. On the flipside, I have also been coached as a whole person—as a mom, as a wife, as a business owner and as a friend. I’ve been coached on a personal level that has allowed me to create the life I want, both professionally and personally.”

Accountability in real estate is vital for success, and that’s just what One2One Coaching provides. From lead generation to converting those leads into clients and how to maintain those relationships, Buffini & Company’s certified coaches are dedicated to the success of real estate professionals.

“My coach helps me set up my weekly goals, keeping me accountable to doing client appreciation parties and other ways that I can appreciate my sphere, which is a huge thing,” says Holm.

As an agent whose main goal is to not just serve her clients, but educate them as well, Holm knows what it takes to win in a high-demand, low-inventory market. In an especially tough seller’s market, educating buyers and sellers upfront helps them feel confident in their decision, eliminates fear of the process and provides them with ways for being more competitive without losing money.

“Buffini’s One2One Coaching program is an investment in yourself and your business,” says Holm. “Just do it, and if you commit to the systems, you will see results.”

For more information, please visit www.buffini.com/mariesa-holm

“My experience with One2One Coaching has been one of high-quality education, cheerleading and accountability for me as a business owner.”

-Mariesa Holm, Real Estate Broker, Compass

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