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Tee It Up! Golf and Real Estate are a Lot Alike

By RIS Media on May 01, 2016

I love golf! Growing up in the Buffini household, it was almost a religion. Each of us kids was introduced to the game by our dad, George. And every summer we’d receive a handful of balls that were to last us until fall – if you lost one, you’d better find one!

Golf is a game that tests you in so many ways; one minute you’re having the game of your life and the next you’re thinking about taking up a different sport. Some days, the harder I try, the worse it gets, and then it happens; I hit one incredible shot and get a glimmer of hope that keeps me coming back. Just like real estate; one good sale and we keep coming back for more.


The Importance of Feedback

Today’s professional golfer is not just a great golfer, but a great athlete as well. Every top golfer in the world has an entourage of coaches and experts working day and night to help them perform at their highest level.

We all need feedback. We need to know when we’re doing the right things, and when we’re drifting off track.

In 2015, the average real estate agent earned just over $42,000. In 2015, Buffini & Company Coaching Members earned over $336,698*—that’s eight times the national average! In fact, last year, a staggering one out of every eight homes sold in the United States was sold by an agent who was coached or trained by Buffini & Company.

What’s the difference between our Members and other agents? Are our Members luckier? Do they have thousands of friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter? Maybe they’re just better looking and that’s why they outperform the average Realtor by eight times!?

The difference is, just like great golfers, great real estate agents seek accountability to help them master their fundamentals. Buffini & Company members have this accountability in their coaches who provide the feedback we all need. The challenge in today’s world is we often look to technology to take the place of the fundamentals we need to be successful.


Mastering the Fundamentals

Golf has made more advances with technology than any other sport. The thing is, the average amateur golfer’s score hasn’t improved in 30 years—it’s still 100 shots.T

In real estate today, we have all the gadgets and tools we need to succeed: the Internet, social media, smartphones, GPS systems, virtual online tools and more people living here today than 30 years ago. However, the average Realtor still only handles about 11 transactions annually. Regardless of the advances in technology, the outcome is the same.

The best golfers in the world say, “I’m working on my grip, my posture, my tempo.” When you talk to a Buffini & Company Member they say, “I’m networking and building relationships, writing my notes, making calls and setting goals – I just work the system.” In both cases they are working on, you guessed it, their fundamentals.

To improve, you have to know what you need to do and do it. Technology doesn’t work unless the fundamentals are in place.

If you want to raise your game, we have Coaches and staff here to help. Take Peak Producers® to master the fundamentals or sign up for a great event like Brian Buffini’s Success Tour or MarTech Trends. Whatever you decide, we can help you become the best that you can be.

Here’s to your success, on and off the course. Tee it high and let it fly!

*The only business coaching numbers that are tracked and verifiable

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